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The Emergency Preparedness in Canada (EPIC) Podcast delivers current, relevant, and Canadian educational content for those who share our passion for emergency management and disaster science. At EPIC, we believe that disasters are everyone's business, and that free and open access to education can drive the profession forward while improving preparedness for all Canadians. Listen as we interview leading experts in the field, review emerging and landmark publications, and debate important disaster issues. 

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Dr. Joshua Bezanson, MD, MS, BJourn, ACP, FP-C

EPIC Podcast Host Joshua Bezanson

Joshua is an Emergency Planner with a Fire/EMS and Coast Guard background. He is a member of Canada Task Force 2, and an emergency medicine resident/ EMS Fellow. 

Grayson Cockett, MADEM, AEM, EMT-P, MCpl

EPIC Podcast Host Grayson Cockett

Grayson is a Healthcare Disaster Manager with a background in Public Safety, and Emergency Medical Services. He is a member of Canada Task Force 2, and a soldier with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves.

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EPIC Podcast is designed as a supplementary educational resource for the Emergency Management Professional on the go. Information discussed on the show is fact checked to the best of our ability, but is subject to change as ideas mature, or more data becomes available. The views and opinions explored on the show do not represent those of the agencies or organizations that the hosts, or the guests are affiliated with.